Productivity, Inc. Presents the Lean Healthcare Forum
Register Now: October 6-10, 2008: Nashville, TN

About Your Hosts

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The expertise and experience of the event hosts will be "baked" into every session of the event...

We have been providing Lean training and consulting services since 1979 and producing Lean conferences for more than two decades. Today there are many Lean conferences on the market - some bigger and some smaller, but none more dedicated to delivering a powerful educational experience, in an interactive and fun environment. The Productivity conference is an educational event unlike any other.

About your hosts...

Productivity Inc.
Productivity was the first organization to introduce Lean concepts to American manufacturers, the first organization to offer Lean training and consulting, and the first organization to publish books on the subject. Our consultants are "real sensei" taught by the originators of Lean, including Mr. Iwata, Mr. Nakao, Dr. Shingo, Dr. Fukuda and others. We are internationally known as experts in Lean conversion and the development of Lean training curriculum, tailored to client needs. We understand the origins of Lean and what it takes to make it work in today's complex organizational environments. Productivity's clients include Global 1,000 organizations around the world.

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Rona Consulting Group
Rona Consulting Group was founded by J. Michael Rona and Thomas L. Jackson after realizing the amazing potential to transform healthcare around the world based upon the model of the Toyota Management System. Trained by Chihiro Nakao of Shingijutsu, Mr. Rona, formerly President of the Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle, Washington, is known internationally as the foremost expert in organizational transformation in healthcare using this method. Trained by Ryuji Fukuda, Mr. Jackson, formerly Co-Founder of Taxt-X, is internationally recognized for his expertise in developing and advising on large-scale transformation programs for Fortune 100 companies. He was recently awarded a Shingo Prize for his writings on the method of hoshin kanri (policy deployment), an integral part of the Toyota Management System. RCG's clients include integrated healthcare systems, free-standing hospitals, and government organizations in the United States and United Kingdom.

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